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lComputer Application Technology (Application of Embedded Technology)

Computer Application Technology (Application of Embedded Technology) aims to produce high quality and skill-oriented graduates with an all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique for the high-end and neotype e-information industry. Our graduates, with strong practical abilities, should master the theories, fundamentals and basic skills of embedded system. They should be able to systematically analyze and solve problems, and to develop practical embedded systems as well as organize, implement and manage projects, so that they can adapt to the development of emerging industries of strategic importance such as embedded systems and the “Internet of Things (IOT)”, and can engage in positions such as R&D, production, operation, maintenance and management in embedded-system-related fields.

Major Courses: C Language Programming, Fundamentals of Electronic Technology, Computer Network Application Technology, Data Structure, Fundamentals and Applications of Linux, Java Language Programming, Principle and Application of the Single Chip Microcomputer, ARM System Structure and Principle, Embedded Interface, Embedded Operating System, Design and Application of Embedded System, QT Embedded Program Development and Integrated Training of the Design and Application of Embedded System, etc.

lComputer Application Technology (IOT Application)

IOT Application produces high-skilled software & hardware application engineers in Information System Software Design and Development, RFID Radio Frequency Technology, Computer Network and System Management and Maintenance as well as Networking Systems Integration Technologies, and it also provides tech supporters, salespersons and managers for the IT industry.

Major Courses: RFID Radio Frequency Technology, Wireless Sensor Network, Development and Realization of Database System, Advanced Object-Oriented Programming, Design of Software Application System, SSH Framework Application, UI Framework Practice, Mobile Development Technology and Networking Systems Integration Technologies.

We have on-campus and off-campus training bases, which are operating under the teaching model “Skills plus Projects” co-built with companies and which provide real company operating environment. We strongly encourage our students to take part in all kinds of practical skills competitions so that they can learn from competitions (National first prize in “Lanqiao Cup”, 2017), and the income level of our graduates ranks high among similar specialties in our school for several years in a row.

lBusiness Administration Management

Established in 2004, Business Administration Management is GDPST’s key construction specialty. We have already completed a national resource sharing course called “Customer Relationship Management and Customer Management”, a college level high quality course called “Business Communication and Negotiation Skills” and a college level resources sharing course called “Marketing and Creative Planning”.

According to the educational objectives of higher vocational college, the requirements of companies and the economic development of Guangdong Province, we train our students to master accounting skills and marketing skills, and through strengthening the teaching of courses like English, computer and practice, we produce practical professional personnel with the capability to manage modern business and high comprehensive quality. Our students have won many first prizes in national brand competitions, international trade competitions and business plan competition. Twenty of our graduates have successfully started their own businesses, which later become teaching companies for our current students to find internship and employment opportunities.

lBusiness Administration Management (Retail Management)

Business Administration Management (Retail Management) offers retail management related courses like commodity science, retail selling skills, supply chain management, etc. With the practical teaching project established with PARKnSHOP as our core project, we have formed a step-by-step talent training model. We have worked with companies like Yum! Brands Inc. and McDonald’s to build the Manager Express Project, through which we can provide lower and middle management talents for chain retailing enterprises.Business Administration Management (Retail Management) aims to produce operating management talents (such as store managers, managers and directors) for chain stores, and also produce buyers, salesmen and office clerks as well. We have become one of the first specialties in Guangdong province to set up Modern Apprenticeship class and have carried out this program successfully for three years now. By Modern Apprenticeship class, we train chain store operation and management talents through the integration of industry, enterprise, college and students.

lArchitectural Design

According to the characteristics of vocational skills, the specialty Architectural Design focuses on producing high-skilled professionals for architecture and its related real estate industry, who can meet the first-line requirements of the architectural industry. Graduates of this specialty should master theories and practical skills of architectural design so that they can adapt to their positions upon graduation, they should also have work ethics, working with diligence and dedication, and they should be able to learn by themselves so that they can create a sustainable career life and grow from an assistant architect to an architect. Target Positions for the students include assistant architects, draftsmen, real estate managers, etc. Our graduates can work as designers, coordinators and managers in architectural firms, decoration design company, real estate company and engineering cost consultancies. Statistics from the surveys of the recent two years show that one year after their graduation, the average monthly salary of our graduates reaches around 3,600 yuan, and three years after their graduation, their yearly salary can be over 120,000 yuan, so our graduates enjoy good professional reputation, large room for salary promotion and they are well-received in the job market.

lArchitectural Design (Real Estate Planning):

Major courses opened in real estate planning include real estate planning, real estate market research, real estate evaluation, real estate project management, etc. We train practical talents for positions like real estate planning practice, real estate tax base value evaluation, consulting, property right registration, case tracking, etc. At the moment, we have already established a stable network of practical training bases, so our students are experienced in taking part in all kinds of professional competitions and they have won many prizes in national competitions. We focus on equipping our students with calculating skills in the evaluation of real estate tax base value, comprehensive skills in the practice of real estate planning and skills in pre-contract and case tracking. With the implementation of relevant policies of national real estate tax, employment prospects of our graduates are quiet promising.

lInternational Economics and Trade(International Business Management)

Our purpose is to provide graduates who can meet the social and economic requirements of the 21st century and with an all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, so that they will become creative professionals in the field of international business with the characteristics of the time, solid fundamentals, broad knowledge, strong competence and high quality.

Major courses: International Trade Practice,Practice of International Freight agency, Customs Declaration Theory and Practice, Inspection Theory and Practice, Foreign Trade Documents, Foreign Trade Business Simulation, Foreign Trade Correspondence, Foreign Trade Accountancy, International Settlements, International Business Law and International Marketing.

This specialty enjoys real (or emulational) working atmosphere and on-campus training bases with sophisticated equipment. We have now set up a comprehensive international business laboratory with corresponding training equipment and supporting training software and hence created a systematic training environment for professional simulation. This way, we can meet the requirements of practical teaching for business procedures such as documents and documentary, customs declaration, quarantine inspection and international freight forwarding and agentsand we can guarantee the learning and training of the major skills of our students. Besides, we have language-training rooms to offer students English language training classes. Our graduates can adapt to social developments and their employment rate is high. Survey results in recent years show that the majority of the graduates are engaging in import and export positions or foreign trade positions, and they mainly work in Guangdong province.

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