School of Culture and Communication
School of Culture and Communication

School of Culture and Communication


I. General Introduction:

The School of Culture and Communication was established in 1999. We offer five programs, including Secretarial Studies, Administrative Management, Human Resources Management, Digital Communications and Media, and Social Work. The Secretarial Studies program has been recognized as a Key Program for Senior Vocational Students in Guangdong. Applied Writing is honored as a National Key Course and National Key Open Course. We are the Director of Guangdong Secretarial Studies Association.

All of our faculty members are professors as well as practicing professionals and 78% have completed at least a master’s degree. Among the 58 full-time teachers, there are six professors, two prominent writers, and over 20 experts with deputy senior professional or higher titles. Over 2500 students are currently enrolled.

We offer a variety of educational facilities like Secretarial Skills & Humanitarian Accomplishment Training Site of Guangdong, Secretarial Skills Training Room, Photography and Figure Training Room, Moot Court Training Room, Etiquette Training Room, Corporate Administration Management Training Room. Some enterprises, such as Xuanyu Business Services Center, New Media Editing Center, Secretary Office, and Xiangqing Social Services Center, are committed to helping prepare our students for future career. We also partner with enterprises and institutions to enhance students’ practice skills, including Huawei Technologies co., Ltd., Zhuhai Archives Bureau, Zhuhai Titan Software co., Ltd, Broadcast & Television Center of Jinwan District, Zhuhai, People’s Court of Jinwan District, Zhuhai, Procuratorate of Jinwan District, Zhuhai.

We are committed to enhancing students’ technical skills. Our students have won over 30 prizes in skills competitions at both provincial and national level in recent years. At the campus, we provide students with lots of opportunities outside the classroom to participate in a number of distinctive student programs and services, notably the annual “What China Dream means for us Senior Vocational Students” series events. These activities give our students a competitive edge on the job market. We have maintained an employment rate of over 99% for our graduates in recent years.


2. About our programs:

Secretarial Studies Program:

Business secretary concentration and legal secretary concentration. The Business secretary program is taught by 10 full-time teachers, among whom five have received a senior professional title, and one is a PhD degree holder. Our part-time faculty members include Professor Shi Yongqi, former head of the Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professional in Asia Pacific, and two-term director of Secretariat of Huawei Technologies. We are recognized as an Institute-level Excellent Faculty Teaml, and Province-level Outstanding Faculty Team for Secretarial Education. The program is regarded as Province-level Key Program and Province-level “Type Two Brand” Program. We have made great progresses since the inception of the program. We set up Guangdong Secretarial Skills Training Site, offered a national free course of Applied Writing, and participated in the province-level educational reform project that conforms to new program standards for Secretarial Studies. Additionally, we have successfully moved our core courses on line. Our major partners include Huawei Technologies, Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd., and Titan Software. We boast Secretarial Skills Training Center, GTA-Guangke Secretarial Skills Simulation Training Center, Huiwen Secretary Office, and Guangke-GTA Collaborative Innovation Center for Secretarial Services.


Administrative Management Program:

As one of the earliest programs in our Institute, the Administrative Management program was launched in 2000. We offer administrative management concentration and wedding planning concentration.

To serve the economy of the Pearl River Delta region, we train students to be administration assistants and managers with outstanding skills in management, operation, planning, coordination, and learning. Moreover, we provide small and medium sized enterprises in the region with various quality services such as training, marketing, advertising, and intellectual property rights protection.

We have 10 full-time teachers, all professors and practicing professionals. Among them, 70% are experts with at least a deputy senior professional title and 50% have years’ experience working for enterprises.

With strong support from the partnering companies, we have produced 14 classes of students. Every year we have both outstanding newly enrolled students and graduates. It is especially to our delight that one of our graduates, Nie Yunchen, with excellent entrepreneurship and management skills, has founded HEYTEA, a popular teahouse brand in China.


Social Work Program:

Launched in 2013, the Social Work program now has over 270 students in three grades. Students enrolled in 2013 and 2014 have already graduated. We have a strong faculty, among whom are two associate professors, three lecturers, one Ph.D degree holder, 5 master’s degree holders, and all are recognized as professors as well as practicing professionals. What’s more, five experienced managers from social institutions, social groups, and enterprises have come on board as our part-time teachers. Various training facilities are available to students, including one on-campus social work training room and over 10 off-campus training sites.

We equip students with skills and knowledge required to operate and manage senior care businesses, provide analysis and consulting services for seniors, develop and design elderly-care plans, and plan and organize entertainment and sports activities. Graduates could contribute to the elderly-care industry in the Pearl River Delta Region by managing and operating elderly-care businesses, organizing activities for seniors, and teaching in or managing educational institutions for seniors.


Digital Communications and Media Program:

Started in 2016, the Digital Communications and Media program is the biggest in scale in Guangdong province.

We equip students with the skills required to design, plan, and operate social media, and the knowledge about various social media platforms like Wechat and Weibo. We also train students’ digital communications skills and copywriting skills. Graduates can be qualified as digital communications editors in small & medium sized enterprises, digital media companies, news agencies, and Internet companies.

All of our faculty members are regarded as professors as well as practicing professionals. Our 12 full-time teachers include high-profile writers, veteran media practitioners, and senior engineers. We have also hired 8 accomplished media practitioners as our visiting lecturers and professors.

Given a growing demand for media workers, we have been seeing an exciting enrollment rate in recent years and the job placement rate has been impressive. Over 90% students have chosen us as their first-choice program during college application in 2017. Some of our students are interning or working in companies like Baidu and Meizu as well as leading media companies such as Nanfang Daily Media Group, Guangdong. QQ. Com, Zhuhai Daily.


Human Resources Management Program:

We equip students with the knowledge about labor laws and job analysis and the ability to think creatively in the Internet era. They are expected to showcase professional ethics and humanistic literacy and be able to deal with recruitment, employee training, performance pay and compensation management, and employee relationship management. The aim of the program is to train students with the skills and competence required to become HR officers, recruiters, training officers, and performance pay officers at enterprises and institutions in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area where dozens of industries are booming such as manufacturing, housing, finances and insurance, tourism exhibition, and consulting. 

Our faculty includes fifteen full-time teachers, among whom two are Ph.D degree holders, 11 have received a master’s degree, 40% have received at least a deputy senior professional title, and all are professors as well as practicing professionals. We also have sixteen part-time teachers.

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