School of Accounting and Finance
School of Accounting and Finance

In accordance withthe philosophy of “Pursuing Excellency, Distinction and Innovation”, the school of accounting and finance adheres to the rule of development of higher vocational education, the rule of specialty construction and talent training through the construction of teaching teams and teaching-resource banks in order to improve the quality of student training and the ability of social service, and we also continually promote the innovation of talent training, specialty construction and college culture. Hence the core competitiveness and social influence of the school have been enhanced significantly and the construction effect is remarkable.

There are four specialties in our school, including accounting, investment and finance, financial management and accounting information management. Among these, accounting is a provincial exemplary specialty, a key specialty of the exemplary high vocational colleges in Guangdong province and a provincial second-rate brand specialty; investment and finance is a provincial second-rate brand specialty. We enjoy outstanding practical teaching conditions which include 11 experimental bases, 2 teaching companies, 2 on-campus training bases, and more than 50 off-campus training bases.

The overall quality of the faculty is high, the faculty structure is reasonable, and our teachers boast a high academic level as well as a strong ability to solve practical problems of enterprises. We have more than 100 full-time and part-time teachers with over 40 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are more than 10 professors, associate professors, senior accountants and senior auditors. More than 70 percent of the teachers have a master's degree, and more than 95 percent of the teachers have double qualifications. In the recent five years, our teachers have completed more than 50 scientific research projects of college level, municipal level, provincial level, etc., edited more than 10 textbooks and 2 monographs, and published more than 200 academic papers. We have more than 1,700 full-time students who have won many individual and group prizes in provincial and national vocational skills competitions. The quality of graduates, with an overall employment rate of over 99%, has been recognized by employers.

I. Introduction to the Specialties

1. Accounting

The accounting specialty group consists of accounting and accounting information management. Accounting has been ranked top among the specialties in Guangdong province, so over the years, it has been a very popular specialty with the students in the province. In this specialty, we train modern skilled talents capable of financial innovation, who understand theory, are able to calculate and good at application. At present, we have obtained three top achievements in the province which are exemplary specialty in Guangdong (2010), a key specialty of the exemplary high vocational colleges in Guangdong province (2012) and second-rate brand specialty in Guangdong (2016).

Accounting information management cultivates multi-skilled talents in terms of modern financial informatization who understand business, are able to use software and good at management. Until now, this specialty has obtained two high-level provincial achievements which are “teaching resources bank construction (National alternative) of accounting information management in Guangdong (2017) and provincial open online course construction of accounting and financial basic skills training (2017).

2. Investment and Finance

The investment and finance specialty group consists of investment and wealth management together with the direction of internet finance operation. Investment and finance is the second-rate brand construction specialty in Guangdong province. We have 16 full-time teachers including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 4 with or being studying for doctor’s degree, 12 with master’s degree or above and 15 with double qualifications. Besides, we have 24 part-time teachers. We enjoy superior practice conditions with on-campus training bases having advanced financial management functions, which include on-campus teaching enterprises like the “Wealth Management Center”, two analytic application centers- “Internet Finance” and “Financial Big Data”, as well as a “Financial Center”. At the same time, we have established more than 30 off-campus training bases with financial and non-financial organizations such as China Construction Bank (Zhuhai Branch), Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Ping An Insurance, providing on-job practice and internships for our students. For the past 10 years, employment rate of our students has been over 98.55% .

3. Financial Management

The financial management specialty group is made up of financial management together with the direction of taxation and planning. It is one of the the first eight Internet Plus outstanding specialties in GDPST,and is also a radiation specialty of the provincial second-rate brand specialty.

We train advanced practical personnel with professional skills of financial management, financial accounting, capital management, investment analysis and risk management. They should be good at computer and English skills, skillful in using ERP management, group shared financial management and other information management tools, and can engage in posts like financial management, accounting, financial analysis, internal control and auditing, investment and risk management in industrial and commercial enterprises, financial companies, fiscal and taxation service agencies, public institutions and government departments.

The taxation and planning direction cultivates highly skilled graduateswith certain knowledge of economic management and tax theories to master tax-related skills and they should be able to perform jobs like tax declaration, tax accounting, tax planning, and tax agent in enterprises, public institutions, taxation offices and tax agencies.

II. Teaching facilities, teaching and student activities

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