Good News: GDPST Robot Team Won 24th FIRA Roboworld Cup Champion

By Lin Zhaoxuan and Zheng Wanjun

Translation by Tan Yan

Revised by Li Guangrong

September 20, 2019


From August 11 to 16, 2019, the 24th FIRA Roboworld Cup was held in Gyeongnam Convention and Exhibition Center, South Korea. The School of Robotics of GDPST sent two doctoral supervisors, Yu Zhenghong and Zheng Wanjun, and five students,  Wu Shanshan, Zou Ziping, Zhang Youdan, Wang Peifeng and Wu Biao, to participate in four competitions, including Humanoid Robot Sprint, Obstacle Run, Long-distance Running and UAV Emergency Rescue. After five days of intense competition, all the events have reached the finals. At last our team gave full play to the Humanoid Robot Obstacle Race, won the world championship and set the best record in the history of GDPST by defeating many strong opponents from domestic 985/211 undergraduate universities and other countries.



The only vocational team that has won the ticket of the international top competition

FIRA Roboworld Cup is held every year in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania, which is composed of four major parts: FIRA Sports, FIRA Air, FIRA Challenge and FIRA Youth. Each sub-project only produces three prizes: crown, sub-crown and quarter, with fierce and various competitions. The comprehensive strength of each team in mechanical design and manufacturing, sensor technology and intelligent control, artificial intelligence and machine vision algorithm will be comprehensively investigated. There are a total of 1200 competition players from 15 countries and regions, including the United States, China, Russia, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Iran, Indonesia, China Taiwan, etc. After the technical examination, the universities and colleges in mainland China qualified for the competition include the 985/211 undergraduate universities such as Northwest Polytechnical University, China University of Geosciences and Harbin Engineering University, among which GDPST is the only higher vocational college.






Five years campaign for the champion dream, long time hard work for the victory

Since the beginning of this year, all the members of our robot team have given up all holidays and rest time and devoted themselves to the half-year competition training, striving to do the best in all aspects, which shows the good teamwork spirit of the teachers and students of GDPST----honesty, persistence and pursuing excellence. Since July 2015, led by Dr. Yu Zhenghong and other key teachers, the robot team has been participating in many national and international competitions. In the contest of accumulating experience, the team has maintained repeatedly harvesting good results, and at the same time cultivated outstanding students such as Hu Zhiwen, the 2017 special award winner of the Jin Brand scholarship for higher vocational students, and Kuang Jialong, the 2016 Guangdong College Student of the Year Nomination Award winner. In August 2017, the robot team won the FIRA Robotworld Cup in its first match, and won the third place in sprinting and shooting. In the same year, it also won four national robot championships. This year is the second time for the robot team to compete in FIRA Roboworld Cup and finally won the championship. In addition to the joint efforts of teachers and students of this year, the award also attributes to Dr. Yu Zhenghong and other key mentors’ hard work for five years, to the teachers and students’ perseverance to the dream of world champion.


The award of this contest is not only a landmark achievement of GDPST's specialized construction and talent cultivation, but also lays a solid professional foundation for the future development of the college robotics, and further improves the international visibility and influence of our higher vocational college. With these awards, we salute the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China!


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