Meeting between GDPST and Groupe Esc Clermont to Discuss PHD Program

Meeting between GDPST and Groupe Esc Clermont to Discuss PHD Program


GDPST and ESC Clermont are to launch a PHD program for the young teachers of GDPST


By Liu Zhongliang; Photograph by Li Jialin

April 11, 2019


President Li Longtu met with the delegation led by Richard SOPARNOT, academic director of Groupe ESC Clermont, to discuss the PHD Program that is to be launched in the near future between the two parties in the afternoon of April 11.

Li Longtu, on behalf of GDPST, expressed his appreciation to Richard SOPARNOT for his hard work in promoting the cooperation between GDPST and Groupe ESC Clermont, and for the achievements made by the two parties over the past two years. “We now have over 100 students studying in the Sino-French International Management Program at the School of International Cooperation; our first group of students went to pursue their bachelors degree in ESC Clermont in September 2018; we just set up ESC Clermont Zhuhai Campus earlier today; and we are discussing the PHD program between our two parties at this very moment.

Richard SOPARNOT, on the other hand, spoke highly of the visions of GDPSTs leaders and the executive force of the team engaging in the cooperation between the parties. Moreover, he expressed his hope that this PHD program would improve the teaching and research abilities of the young teachers of GDPST and hence improve the quality of the students, especially in the  programs related to business .

Both parties discussed details of the PHD program later, reaching the conclusion to make joint efforts to implement the program.  

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