GDPST Receives Teachers and Students from Curtin University

GDPST Receives Teachers and Students from

Curtin University


A 35-member Delegation of teachers and students from Curtin University Come to Visit GDPST


By Wen Jingbei; Photograph by Zeng Yian

Translation by Liu Zhongliang

November 22, 2018 


Joseli Macedo, head of the School of Built Environment, with her colleague Jake Schapper, and 33 Curtin Universitys students came to visit GDPST on Thursday.


President Li Longtu, vice president Zhu Xiaoping, Yuan Xiaobin, director of the Party and Administration Office, Huanghu, Vice dean of the School of Architectural Engineering, and Shen Hongcai, vice dean of the School of Art and Design, etc. met with the delegation in the TelePresence Room on Thursday morning.


Li Longtu, on behalf of GDPST, expressed his warm welcome to Professor Macedo and her delegation, and then gave a brief introduction to GDPST for the delegation and answered the questions raised by the students from Curtin University.


Joseli Macedo said that she was grateful for the invitation of GDPST and wanted to see cooperation between the two parties.


Later, Huanghu and Shen Hongcai briefly presented the School of Architectural Engineering and the School of Art and Design to the delegation.





In the afternoon, students from Curtin University joined four different workshops offered by the School of Art and Design, which were Space Design, Architectural VR Design, September Animation Design and Big Idea Design, to work and communicate with students from the School of Art and Design.


While Zhu Xiaoping, Huanghu, Shen Hongcai, etc. met with Joseli Macedo and Jake Schapper to discuss the possibilities of credit articulation plans between similar programs in the two organizations.


At the end of the meeting, Professor Macedo once again expressed her appreciation for the hospitality of GDPST and her hope to see teachers and students of GDPST visiting and learning in Curtin University.





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